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Privacy Policy

MINDY Sp. z o.o. seated in Warsaw, at 8, Tytus Chałubiński Street, PL00-613 Warsaw (hereafter referred to as “MINDY”, “We” or “Us”) does its best to protect and respect your privacy.

This Policy (together with other documents referred to herein) specifies which personal data are collected/ archived and how those data will be processed.

Personal data that may be collected by us.

  • We will collect personal about your use of our website including, in particular, information about network traffic, information about localization, login details, contents from questionnaires and contact forms as well as other communication data and resources that are used by you. Thanks to collection of those personal data, your future visit to our website will be easier, and we will be able to suggest the content that will be useful for you based on localization at which you use our website.
  • We will collect any and all pieces of information provided by you with the use of our contact forms (for example, “Contact”, “Send a message”, or “Contact us about a job”). Provision of your personal data through our forms is not subject to any requirement set forth in the legislation. If you contact us, we will store the record of such correspondence.
  • We use your personal data to send materials to you by e-mail, if you agree, with the use of an appropriate contact form.

How do we use your personal data?

Your personal data will be collected and processed by us for the following purposes:

  • to adjust the content and resources according to your preferences;
  • to respond to your request or questions, when you get in touch with us;
  • to help you produce, publish, and improve the content that concerns you the most;
  • to make sure that the content transferred through the website is presented in a way that is the most effective for you/ your device;
  • to let you participate in interactive operation of our website;
  • to continue development and improvement of the website and systems.

Use of your data by us as described above is allowed under relevant regulations about data protection, since such use:

  • is necessary for our lawful interests in order to attain the abovementioned aims, yet they won’t be more important than your interests concerning privacy co matter what circumstances might be;
  • is necessary – in some cases – to fulfill legal and regulative responsibilities by us, for example, disclosures to authorities, to supervisory bodies, or to the bodies of the state;
  • is necessary – in some cases – to accomplish tasks in public interest and is necessary, when we make us of special categories of personal data, to identify, execute and to protect legal claims, or where processing concerns personal data in a public domain;
  • under specified circumstances, are processed, upon your prior consent that is to be obtained by us from you each time, for example, when you agree to be provided with marketing information, and news by e-mail.

In one case, we take a decision based exclusively on automated processing, including profiling, which might have the essential impact on your situation, for example, through presentation of the most adequate job offer to you, in a result of which you become employed or through statement that there are no offers that would be appropriate for you.

We don’t take decisions based exclusively on automated processing as a part of such profiling, no matter what circumstances might be.

We process your personal data for a period required to fulfill our legal obligations.

The periods for which your personal data are stored depend on a particular purpose for which data are processed, for which they are to be processed and on a particular tool used to process those data.

Then criteria applied to determine an appropriate period through which data are to be stored, take account of a necessity to attain a particular aim, a necessity to render our services for you as well as a period for which you have given your consent, or the provisions of law.

Sharing data with a third party

In order to make processing of your personal data by us easier, and to provide you with contents and resources, we disclose your data to a third party. Nevertheless, such disclosure takes place exclusively under the following circumstances and may be made to the following categories of entities:

  • Suppliers, contractors: from tome to time, we can co-operate with other companies or individuals for the purpose of service provision on our behalf. Among others, such situation includes hosting or maintenance of contents in the website, or provision of particular services with the use of the website, provision of marketing services. In principle, those suppliers are seated in Poland or in the European Economic Area. Such suppliers have an access only to your personal data respectively to a request made by them for the purpose of fulfillment of duties by them, and they are not allowed to use such personal data for any other purpose. Those suppliers will be also obliged to fulfill obligations under the clause of confidentiality stated in relevant agreements;
  • Other entities owned by MINDY Sp. z o.o. (for example, any and all companies controlled directly or indirectly by MINDY);
  • National authorities, supervisory authorities, or prosecuting authorities.

Do we transmit your data abroad?

Your data may be transmitted and processed in a single or in several foreign countries (out of the territory of Poland). We will transmit your data only to countries, where appropriate standard of your data protection is existent and founded on relevant provisions of law or, to localizations where MINDY has implemented adequate protection mechanisms in order to guarantee privacy of your data.

Data security

Despite of the fact that we do our best to protect your personal data, you should be aware of the fact that transmission of personal data through Internet is not 100% safe, and that we are not able to guarantee security of your personal data transmitted through the website or to a third party; for that reason, any and all transmission of personal data is made at your own risk. We make use of operating procedures and take appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent an unauthorized access, modification, deletion, or transfer of those personal data.

Your rights. How can you obtain the access to your personal data, correct them, and delete them?

Under the data protection regulations, you have the following rights:

  • The right of the access to your personal data and to be provided with a copy thereof: you have a right to be provided with information whether we process your personal data. When we process your data, you may obtain the access to copies of your personal data in our possession, and to a method employed to process them. In some cases, you may demand an electronic copy of your data from us.
  • The right to correct your personal data: if you are able to demonstrate that your personal data in our possession are incorrect, you may ask for update or correction of those pieces of information.
  • The right to be forgotten/ to have your data deleted: under specific circumstances, you have a right to have your data deleted. You may address such request to MINDY at any moment, and MINDY will judge whether your request shall be accepted or not due to regulations and legal duties associated with processing of those data. When, according to law, we find your request to delete your personal data to be justified, MINDY will delete those data without undue delay.

If you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at the following address:

To the extent at which our processing of your personal data results from a consent given by you, you also enjoy a right to revoke that consent at any moment. Revocation of your consent won’t have any impact on lawfulness of actions associated with personal data processing taken when such consent was still in force, i.e. before a notification about revocation of your consent was served.

Moreover, you have a right to file a complaint about processing your personal data by us with local supervisory authorities.

You will be provided only with e-mail marketing messages to which you have given prior consent.

Usually, we will offer a selection box in forms used to collect your personal data, to be marked by you, if you give consent to be provided with marketing messages. When we send marketing messages to you by e-mail, you may revoke your consent clicking the following function in e-mail “do not subscribe” [Polish: “nie zapisuj się”] or “resign” [Polish: “zreazygnuj”]. Moreover, you can exercise your right to revoke consent at any moment though a message e-mailed to the following address: stating the following pieces of information:

Forename and surname, e-mail address, contact phone number, marketing information in regard to which you want to resign.

Amendments to this Policy

The terms and conditions of this Policy may be amended from time to time. We will publish any and all essential amendments to this Policy, in the form of notifications published in the website or by means of contact with you through other communication channels.


Any and all questions, comments, and requests concerning our Policy are welcome, so please, send them to MINDY Sp. z o.o., ul. Tytusa Chałubińskiego 8, PL00-613 Warsaw, or to the following e-mail address:

The details about a method employed to process your personal data by us will be provided at the following address:

You can also contact our Local Inspector in Charge of Personal Data Protection, at the following address:


We are here to enable both of the parties to receive the maximum benefit from entry into employment relation.
Our partnership-oriented approach to co-operation, fairness, and perseverance account for our ability to unite effectively the objectives of business entities and individuals who are employed by those entities.

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