The Mindy Employment Agency is a circle of professionals who help enthusiastically arrange meetings between the best Employees and reliable Employers.

I am looking for a job

JIf you want to be sure that your employment is legal and your employer is fair, contact us and let us find a perfect job for you.

We recruit staff for jobs in construction sector, farming business, industry, transportation, care services, and in may other areas. We have many business partners in Poland, Scandinavia, Western and Southern Europe and we expand the area of our operations on a continuous basis, so we can offer a job to you, where such job would be the most adequate in terms of your education, skills, and requirements.

You are a specialist in your discipline, and you are thinking about changing your job? If you are looking for new challenges, you want to be well paid for your performance, and held in high esteem by your supervisor for your dedication and knowledge – just get in touch with us. We will represent you before the best employers in a line of business selected by you, and we will negotiate terms of employment that will be the most beneficial to you.

You still do not have occupational experience or you would like to try your hand in a new line of business? Maybe, you have already had your job, and you are looking for some extra income? It’s no problem for us – we act as agents in the market of temporary jobs and seasonal jobs that are offered by reliable employers.

Do you want to work in any particular country or in any particular line of business? Maybe, you are thinking about going abroad together with your family member, group of friends or your heretofore associates – it’s easier than you think; write to us or give us a call, and we will do it from there.

We will take care of you throughout the whole recruitment process, will find a job satisfactory to you, will handle any and all formalities, and after you start your job, we will check whether it meets your expectations.


We are here to enable both of the parties to receive the maximum benefit from entry into employment relation.
Our partnership-oriented approach to co-operation, fairness, and perseverance account for our ability to unite effectively the objectives of business entities and individuals who are employed by those entities.

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