The Mindy Employment Agency is a circle of professionals who help enthusiastically arrange meetings between the best Employees and reliable Employers.

For Employers

Why is it worth being provided with services offered by MINDY?

You save your priceless time with us, so you can focus your efforts on development of your business.
We will handle professional recruitment of employees for positions at all levels. As our client, you shall present your expectations about qualifications, experience, linguistic competence expected from your potential employees. We deal with such matters as recruitment, verification of qualifications, and formalities associated with employment.

We distinguish ourselves from other employment agencies by the fact of practical verification of candidates for jobs in terms of their fluency in foreign languages and occupational experience possessed by them. All candidates must take a test of foreign language competence adjusted to a particular line of business and positions expected to be taken up by them. Moreover, we always verify value of candidate’s reference through direct contacts with candidate’s former employers.

Do you have a problem with attracting new employees and with extensive staff rotation?

ZTogether with us, those problems won’t bother you any longer, and your business will be developing smoothly. We are able to recruit huge groups of employees as well as individual specialists or experts in a particular field.

We provide support to our clients at every single stage of a recruitment process in many lines of business. We carry out our operations in Scandinavia, Western and Southern Europe as well as in Poland. We recruit candidates for permanent jobs as well as for temporary jobs. We act as agents in the process of recruiting employees from Poland and from abroad. Our actions always feature supreme quality, respect for law, and care about lawfulness of an employment process.

When you entrust the process of recruiting employees for your company to us, you can be certain that we will act based on guidelines, that are the most important to you as an employer. You can be hundred percent sure that we will select employees, who will prove to be competent in particular positions. Our task, however, does not end there. For the sake of our clients’ convenience, we monitor performance effectiveness in regard to employees having been selected by us. As we represent such approach, we can provide support to our clients also after the process of recruitment is over.

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We are here to enable both of the parties to receive the maximum benefit from entry into employment relation.
Our partnership-oriented approach to co-operation, fairness, and perseverance account for our ability to unite effectively the objectives of business entities and individuals who are employed by those entities.

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