The Mindy Employment Agency is a circle of professionals who help enthusiastically arrange meetings between the best Employees and reliable Employers.

About Our Company

Why is it worth being provided with services offered by MINDY?

We are a played-out team of professionals who are enthusiastic about human resource processes. The idea propelling our action is to make both parties, i.e. the Employer and an Employee, fully satisfied. We act based on the principles of mutual respect, openness, and fairness.

We develop businesses of our partners, on a continuous basis, in Poland and abroad, through making them able to continue production through contracting well-qualified and experienced staff to work abroad.

Employees recruited with assistance of our company can be sure that we will contact them with reliable businesses, where – depending on their expectations – they will have an opportunity to gain experience, and to develop their career – in other words, they will have a chance to make their dreams come true.

We help our clients to go through the whole recruitment process, handle formalities, and official matters, give our expert advice, and provide them with our know-how at every single step of a recruitment process. It’s our ambition to make both employers and employees permanently satisfied, and therefore, we assist them also after formal selection is made. We monitor the level of satisfaction on a constant basis, and if needed, we modify processes respectively, on a day-to-day basis.

Please, take a look at current job offers published by companies that co-operate with us, and by our business partners … job offers.


We are here to enable both of the parties to receive the maximum benefit from entry into employment relation.
Our partnership-oriented approach to co-operation, fairness, and perseverance account for our ability to unite effectively the objectives of business entities and individuals who are employed by those entities.

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